Producton Was established 26 years ago by Mr. Mihai Berindei who is Chairman of the Board .Main business came from selling consumables Originals, Compatibles
Refill. Lately, company grow and new business were added Distribution, Software Application.

We evaluate business objectives, technologies and processes. We identify investment opportunities for increased performance and budget savings.

Specialized Producton consultants will work with your IT team to recommend relevant technologies and services, document technical architecture and prepare implementation plans, performance indicators, budgets and timeline.

We offer support for the purchase of products and services, confirmation, large scale implementation, integration and training. Project Management, Support and Maintenance. We provide support to monitor systems to ensure that they operate at the set performance level and provide support when and wherever necessary.

StradaIT is an online retailer committed to become the most loved and trusted online shop in Romania. We tirelessly pursue these goals by offering: competitive prices, superior shopping experience, fast delivery anywhere in Romania, a very good customer service.

We offer a broad range of products from printers, consumables, laptops, smartphones, TV’s, and IT peripherals to home appliances and personal care products. According to StradaIT customers review, 91% of them would recommend StradaIT after an experience with us. Our team is available via phone, e-mail and online chat to ensure your utmost satisfaction. has in average 60.000 sessions per month and 1,92% ecommerce conversion rate. Mihai Bravu showroom has 200 square meters and we expose printers, consumables, laptops, smartphones, TV’s, and IT peripherals products. We are not only an online shop, we also have two showrooms and the customers have the possibility to take their orders from two different locations in Bucharest, in 251-253 Mihai Bravu street and 9 Dr. Clunet street. The showrooms have on average 8.000 visitors per month which are interested and buy preponderant supplies, printers, laptops, smartphones and TV’s.  We are focusing on SOHO customers, we stock a wide range of printing equipment (over 150 SKU) and supplies (over 1000 SKU). Our portfolio brands are: Canon, HP, Xerox, Brother, Epson, Lexmark, Oki.